Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stylin' Little Liars Part 1: Aria Montgomery

Hello my friends! 

As any fanperson of the TV show Pretty Little Liars knows, there are basically two reasons to watch it.

  1. The almost hilariously overcomplicated plot, and
  2. The clothessssssss
Each of the girl protags (Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer) are ridiculously gorgeous, and each of them have an individual style and- I cannot stress this enough- perfect clothing. I wrote a reeeeally short review of the show before, which you can find here (it's like second on the list). I've recently started rewatching it, and since there is TOO MUCH FAB to squeeze all the Liars into one list, I've decided to make a series looking at each of the girls' style in turn. And so! 

These shots from season two show Aria in her element: strong colours, cinched waists and big earrings. On the not-so-rare flashbacks to Aria's past we also see her with pink highlights in her hair (because, fair enough, we need to differentiate Past and Present Aria somehow). Copy these looks with big belts and pencil skirts, and peacoats as cute as they come. (if I disappear suddenly it's because perfect peacoat is perfect- first Zooey Deschanel and now this??)

This is a slightly more subtle ensemble, but with a metallic belt and matching bangles (and that diagonal purple-y/lilac stripe ((and those hoopy earrings))) it still reeks of Aria. Mimic this with colourblocked anything + gladiator sandals.

Here you can see more of Aria's fondness for mixing and matching prints: LEOPARDSKIN and PINSTRIPE and MORE LEOPARDSKIN, oh my! The shimmer skirt in the middle is probs the best thing I've seen all day/ever, and may I take the time to tell you that her blazers are ON POINT. Striped blazers. yes

This (as you may have noticed) is, along with the dress, one of Aria's more muted outfits, but it's still quirky and kinda gothic (see: necklace) in a way that's quintessentially- cranking out the polysyllables over here- hers. The mouse t-shirt is probably meant as a metaphor, coming from the basic premise of the show that the Liars are MICE in the antagonistic A's CAT-AND-MOUSE game. But then again it might just be a cute shirt (likely)

And, last but not least, A-Mont (??)-inspired outfit courtesy of moi.

Click through the PLL topic to find nicer sets again! Mine is by no means the best. D'uh.

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