Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bake Salein'

Bonjour mes amis!

I'm in my second year of secondary school right now, which means many things in the vein of: 'we're not first years! we know where our classes are! people hate us a little less!', but in this case means an Action Project, where we learn about an organisation in our area, and topics related to it, and things like that. My class is doing St. Luke's Home, a "leading provider of residential care and support services to older people". What we've done on the home so far is pretty interesting, and in May we're having a guest speaker in to talk to us about it, but, more importantly: we're having a bake sale to fundraise for it, and I am on the posters committee.

I guess I should explain this: I am queen of overdoing school projects (and this usually means I go wayyy overtime with them), and thus, I am prepping for these bake sale posters (which we'll need, eh, early May) as we speak. I have lots of ideas rattling round my head, and I put them down on paper the other day, and I thought this might be a nice platform to share them with people who might have advice or tips for me. If you do, leave 'em down below! 

top half of page 1
OTHER half of page 1
Lots of the ideas bouncing around my head right now involve:
  • Polka dots
  • Colours with names like 'milkshake pink', 'pineapple yellow', 'cherry pie red', or 'co-cola brown'
  • Cherry red checkered patterns
  • Too much kitsch to even handle (Cath Kidston, get on my level)
  • Alternatively, noir thriller-style poster with BAKE SALE illuminated in a red-velvet cupcake's shadow
  • Alternatively-er, some kind of cake READY FOR IT'S CLOSE UP (fluorescent lights and high-contrast colours, oh my oh me)
It's really my first time being involved in a class artsy effort, and I'd adore for it to go well, so.. here's hoping!

Slán go fóill,

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