Saturday, 29 March 2014

You'll Like This! 1

Dia duit mo chairde!

As per usual on a Saturday eleven o'clock, I am both awake and on a computer, here's what I've been listening to/ wearing/ watching/ obsessing over this week!

  1. Zoe Sugg's blog. Zoe (AKA fashiony-lifestyle youtuber Zoella) has been keeping this blog since early 2009, and it's really nice to see how her style of writing has developed from when she starts to more recently. Also, she sort of has the cutest clothes in existence; Peter Pan collars and Sandra Dee leggings, oh my!
  2. Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez. Where do I start with Melanie? She looks like this, which right away gives her huge hair points, and she sings like this (swoon), so, right away.. what's not to love? The video is spooky and puts shivers up my spine while still holding an interesting message about pressure to 'keep up appearances' when all is falling apart. Additionally, it sounds pretty great on guitar.
  3. These tulips. It's Mother's Day tomorrow, and if you're anything like me you, too, will be googling desperately for last-minute present fixes. These origami flowers are perfect: they're simple, they're cute, and they take up enough space that four or five of them could fill a small vase (perfect for breakfast in bed trays..) More on how these go down soon.
  4. Black Daisy, a blog by Australia-residing teenager Gina Song, which I am passionately in love with. It's pretty new, but everything she has on there is SOUPS ADORBS, and she's well worth checking out. Added incentive: she reads Rookie!
  5. Grow Your Own, which I am honour-bound to include. It's a project I'm working on with some friends, about gardening (ooh, I know, so thrilling), but we're hoping to get the first ever Coder Dojo green belt for it.. and we can only achieve it with a certain amount of views. Give it a look? It won't take time out of your day (although it may hurt your eyes- we're working on layout, cross my heart), and hey, gardening, right?! 
  6. Emma Approved. Emma Approved is a youtube series in the vein of the Lizzie Bennett Diaries (and, I mean, it's made by the same people, so.. that makes sense), in that it's a Jane Austen novel adapted into the modern day in the form of a youtube channel. I am pretty ashamed to admit this, but EA is basically the entire reason I read Emma, the book it's based on, at all (let the gods of literature snobbery smite me now). On a lighter note, I loved it, and although she makes a few mistakes, Emma is a major role model for me.. and Joanna Sotomura and Dayeanne Hutton (the two lead actresses)'s clothes so far have been flawless.
  7. Flawless (obviously.)

Got opinions, recommendations, feedback? Leave 'em down below!
Slán go fóill!

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