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My Favourite Ladies to Channel for Everyday Life

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You know those days where you go to school, or you get up to start your day, and you can't do anything? Like, you can't muster up the motivation to do your work well, or, say, change out of your pyjamas, and other general ickiness? Or, someone is constantly dismissing your ideas out of hand, or criticising you a lot, or just not listening to you, and it's bugging you?

Letting your mindset change on its own is time-consuming, and not always effective. To me, the easiest way to battle my own ineffectiveness is not to be me, but.. somebody else! A fictional character, to be precise. One of many fictional characters, from all walks of fictional works. Books, TV, movies (but mostly TV),  here are a few of my favourite characters to internalise when I'm not feeling up to scratch.

1: Olive Penderghast
I watched Easy A for the first time yesterday. What spurred me to finally watch this fantabulous adaptation of The Scarlet Letter?

This- happy belated Earth Day!
Anyway, a big reason I enjoyed it so much (and enjoy it I did), was the lead character, Olive (played by Emma Stone). She has a witty retort for every situation, and her lemons-to-lemonade capabilities are phenomenal. (See: maybe 90% of the movie). She doesn't have the strongest of moral compasses, but she's chatty and interesting and cynical, and in other words is a pretty good lady to get you through the day.

2: Blair Waldorf
Blair is a character in the TV show Gossip Girl, which I found on Netflix sometime last year and am only eight episodes away from finishing now. This is an achievement: Gossip Girl, if I had to summarise 5.5 seasons, is purely about spoiled rich people doing bad things to each other in beautiful clothes in New York. It's sparkly, and it's scandalous, and it's not exactly stimulating. But! There is an upside!
and she is FABULOUS
Blair is as capable of bad deeds as anyone else on GG, but it's how she does it that's so, um, very. She literally has a little posse who she calls her minions, who do all her dirty work for her well after she leaves high school. Blair also knows what she wants (except when it comes to romance), and is very willing to work hard for it, even if she has to resort to a little bit of subterfuge (this I do not recommend) (she got turned down by Yale for her scheming)
 Channel Blair when you want to do whatever it takes to get something done, and when you really, really need to tell someone that tights are not pants.

3: Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings is one of the protags of Pretty Little Liars, which you know I am madly in love with already. Of all the Liars, Spencer's probably my favourite. Her hair! Her work ethic! Her clothes! Exclamation mark!

Spencer isn't perfect, and is perfectly aware of that. She knows she places too much pressure on herself to do well, and she also knows that she doesn't actually need to win at everything, but she also knows that she is pretty great at everything, and an A-plus-student. She's sneaky, daring, very very pretty, arguably one of the most suspicious characters on PLL (except maybe Hanna), and is very sure of all of these things.

She's also very good at sarcasm. Woooow.
Channel Spencer when you need to get stuff done, and you need to get it done well, as well as when you need to bring out your competitive spirit and/or ambition. She has serious work ethic.

In case you haven't noticed, I have a type. As in, I tend to like lady characters who have a strong work ethic, great hair, a good sense of humour, and, um, dubious morality.

Take from this what you will,
C xx

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  1. Blair is the best character on gossip girl, she makes the whole show :)