Monday, 14 April 2014

Stylin' Little Liars Part 2: Emily Fields

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Anyone who read my earlier instalment of this series-which-needs-a-better-name, knows what this is (ie, a analysis of each protag's outfit from Pretty Little Liars, a TV show I am rewatching at the minute.) One big draw to PLL are the, um, copious plot twists. Another is the series of books. But, the most important one (to me, anyway!) is that every single character in this damnin' show dresses perfectly. All the time. 

Today I'll be focusing on Emily Fields, the Sporty One™, who does not let her (awesome) swimming get in the way of her (perfect) hair or (comfy and gorgeous) style. Shay Mitchell, the actress who plays Emily, turned 27 on the 10th- happy birthday! 

This collage of Emily's everyday-wear is a pretty good representation of her general style: stripes! miniskirts! the converse you can't see but just know she's wearing! comfort! As I mentioned earlier, the big thing with Emily's clothing is that it's uber-practical (as opposed to Aria's sliiiiiiiiightly more decadent stylings) but it's still uber-cute. Also I need to get a pair of those jeans. Right away. Like, now.

This is more classic Emily. I'm pretty sure she has the same black tank top to wear under anything remotely resembling a crop top (see: red stripey- stripy?- outfit above), and with the rolled-up jeans (crying, so pretty), the pastel blue converse (so pretty), and the v-necked POUT top (SO PRETTY), it's as casual as ever. I am maybe in love with Emily. Maybe.

You see the jewellery and the boots? This is one of Em's marginally less dressed-down looks, while still being perfect and beautiful and comfortable and

You may see this particular post as basically just being me fangirling over Emily's outfits. This is true. Well done.

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